The very first reason to build the eCommerce store is to get the more exposure of your business or brand and increase the customer’s database.

But, building an eCommerce store and waiting for the customers is not enough to get your first 100 customers. You have to put your efforts and use the available options which help you to increase your customer’s database.

So, in this article we’ll be discussing on those tips which help your business to start your customer’s database.


Use your connections

After building an online store, successfully placed products on it and when you’re ready to hit the consumers then your connections will help you. Use your connections to get your first 100 customers, use those connections and those connections – this is the tip number one.

Increase your connections as you can and improve the way to connect more people with your business. Some people might be interested in your products or services or some may be not.

And, if you have your previous customer’s or user’s data then you don’t have to be afraid to contact them.


Social Media as a weapon

Build your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and so on platforms. There is huge audience who active in their social media account daily. Social Media is the great weapon to find your new customers.

Create an attractive post, use appealing images and yes, don’t forget to use Hashtags on such words and publish daily on every social account whatever you created.


Power of Blog

Don’t underestimate the power of blogging. Blogging is the way to improve the visibility of your online store and help you to get your first 100 customers. You just have to select a relevant topic that defines about your products or services, create simple content that has short time readability and promote your blog on every social media account.

Important points to consider:


Email Marketing

Many people believe that email marketing doesn’t work to enhance your business awareness and increase your customer’s database. But, before making any prospective about email marketing, you can’t afford to forget those organizations or companies who used emails to get the more exposure of their brands.

Email Marketing is of course old, but still able to generate effective leads. If you’ve shoes business, then you can search your next customer through social media has a wider audience, as I already said above.

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