Appealing Product Description that improve Sales

Does your products description is unable to attract more customers? Or do you want to create appealing products description? That attract more customers as results increase sale.

Then this article is for you…

Product Description is the only way to explain your products in front of the consumers. If your product description is not good enough then you lose your potential customers. Mostly online entrepreneurs has question in their mind – why product description is so important?

According to a research, more than 80% of online shoppers said product description is very important and if any eCommerce store unable to provide accurate information than they switch to another eCommerce store to made purchase.

So, in this article, you’ll get a better understanding to write appealing product description.



Defining your target audience

Every business or eCommerce store has their target audience that they want to target for their products and create content according to them. You have to describe your products according to your targeted audience. Use appealing language in your product’s content that attract your targeted consumers.

If you have a business of selling baby products then you should have to use warm tone instead of using casual tone and explain the benefits of your products with keep in mind of baby. Or if you have fashion business then you should have to define your products according to the youngsters.


Create balance between benefits & features

Write more benefits in the product’s description, yes features are important but mostly users are very aware about the features of any products.

Let’s take an example of toothpaste making company – mostly toothpaste ads and content are more focusing to describe the benefits of their toothpaste, like – this toothpaste protects your teeth from cavity or this toothpaste makes your teeth stronger or by using this toothpaste your teeth are become to more white and so on.

Features are important about the products but benefits are more important to present.

So, stop writing more features and start describing more benefits about the products that how your products can improve their life?


Use bullet points

Writing you product’s description in bullet points. It will be more beneficial that you describe your products in paragraphs along with use bullet points.

Explain the benefits, features or other information in bullet points can describe more products well along with easy to read instead of messy paragraphs.


Insert Keywords in the content

As SEO is important to get the high rank on SERPs as result increase traffic as well SEO is also beneficial for your products description.

Create content for your products description with the using of keywords but don’t repeat more than couples of keywords it the content, it looks unnatural.


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